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Hawaii MMA UFC Event Regulations Have Already Started to Roadblock the Popular Sport
By Reed K.

MMA has been long popular in the Hawaiian islands and now with the successful ProElite event that featured local fighters including Reagan Penn (yes he is related to BJ Penn. He is BJ's younger brother) and also Kendall Grove this could take off similar to how the Rumble on the Rock events were so popular a few years ago

We are all looking forward to the next major MMA event in Hawaii. We need more local MMA events to promote our up an coming fighters.

If UFC were to come to Hawaii with BJ Penn and Reagan Penn on the card it will be a sure sellout crowd standing room only and pay per view sales would also be popular with Hawaii residents. It would be awesome. Adding Kendall Grove and other local fighters would make it a smash card. Even with BJ losing to Nick Diaz and announcing that he is done we all know there is something still left in BJ. He has too much talent to call it quits now. We need BJ to give it one more shot. Maybe a UFC 140 in Hawaii anyone with BJ and Reagan on the card? What you think?

We hope for the best in the coming months if the sport remains stable or goes on a downturn. On a side note watch out for up and coming local fighter Zane Kamaka. If you don't know who he is you will definitely know very soon. Watch out !!

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